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Anxiety And Stress Help Guide – your online guide providing useful information, tips and links to valuable resources about stress, phobias, anxiety, depression treatment. Free report! Following topics are presented there: – anxiety symptoms and attacks, – treatments of depression, anxiety and panic disorders, – advantages and disadvantages of natural anxiety and depression medications, – prescription medication compared to natural medications – stress management training and techniques, – how to use stress balls to reduce anxiety and stress – alternative medicines market research – causes and remedy for social phobia, – hypnotherapy for anxiety , stress and panic attacks – social anxiety in children,


New drugs give real hope to MS sufferers
When Prof Hardiman started out in the 1980s there was no disease-modifying treatment for MS, but such treatments have come onstream with increasing rapidity in recent years. Beta-interferon and Glatiramer acetate are effective in reducing the number of … Read more on Irish Times

New depression treatment might be the answer for millions
That's part of the reason it can take as long as a month of depression treatment for patients to feel relief after they begin treatment, said Hongjun Song, a study author and director of the stem cell program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Read more on VOXXI

Diagnostic Criteria Identifies Three Subgroups of Anorexia
These individuals had more severe symptoms and higher levels of depression than any other group in this study. The third subgroup represented participants who had symptoms of AN for the longest periods of time. … “Psychosomatic syndromes correlated … Read more on (blog)