Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression
It seems that anxiety and depression are increasingly more common, with majority of people I know having experienced one or both of them either currently or …



These New Yorker Cartoons Perfectly Sum Up What's Wrong With Our Tech
"As brilliant as [smartphones] are, it helps me a lot to not be spending my time on Facebook," he says. "But… it's a challenge — I don't know that I've figured out any balance. It's a daily challenge." Here are three of Walsh's brilliant cartoons … Read more on Huffington Post

Obamacare highlights Barack Obama's inverse genius
As National Journal's James Oliphant tells us, the plan will insure about 25 million, about half of the number serviced by Medicare, at the expense of almost everyone else in the country, who stand to lose something — in anxiety, money, or care. Those … Read more on Washington Examiner

End-of-semester stress means counseling can be hard to schedule
From inconvenient scheduling to week-or-more wait times, McCall struggled to get the help she wanted. With finals week around the … “This may be because of drop dates coming up, anxiety from recent exams, and the holidays,” she said. “Some people may … Read more on UTA The Shorthorn