Anxiety and Depression Relief Using Light and Colour


Anxiety and depression relief using light and colour – Find out fun ways to use colour to feel better – light and colour actually change brainwave patterns, uplift your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Visit for more free video tips and great health information.


Prayer Requests

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September brought some neurosurgery (ommraya reservoir) and some relief. But still no diagnosis. I return to neurosurgery on Monday 21st. They planned for an open biopsy on the brainstem in late November but I … My depression keeps getting worse and …
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False confession in bomb threat earns man 000 from Syracuse jury

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The lawyer contended Masterpol didn't understand his rights and falsely implicated himself in the crime because of anxiety, depression and an attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Masterpol's defense was gearing up for a trial in the case when the …


Title: Harry Fischel: Pioneer of Jewish Philanthropy: Forty Years of Struggle

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Among the organizations in which he played major roles were the Central Relief Committee during World War I, The Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) (co-founder and treasurer for over 50 years), the New York Hebrew …
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