Anxiety and Depression as Pilot?

Question by Patrick Lee: anxiety and depression as pilot?
I am working on my instrument license and I feel anxiety and depression sometimes. I don’t know if I should seek help because I want a job as aviator. I don’t know how serious my problem is and I don’t want to destroy my career. What should I do??

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Answer by Not so sure
there might be something else causing this or you might have been feelt that you were pushed into this carear by somebody and its really not something you want to do for the rest of your life who knows depression is one complicated son of a bitch i know this feeling first hand my friend just do what ever makes you happy in life or try finding what that is

Answer by ugiidriver
If you want to keep your medical certificate you absolutely do not want a diagnosis of any mental disorder.
If you are diagnosed the first thing you will get is a prescription for medication, which you absolutely do not want either.
It is possible your anxiety is simply the result of the effort you are putting into your training.
The most obvious thing to try first is to find relaxing enjoyable recreation that you can fit into your routine.
I remember feeling anxious during my instrument training, I used to completely soak my shirt in sweat while flying under a hood. It took a long time for me to feel relaxed afterward.

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