Anorexia Video


Anorexia Video – Video of statistics, health effects, and resources of Anorexia.


Week in review: laurels and darts
This week is National Eating Disorder Week, and the organization has taken on the challenge of raising awareness about it. Because of the startlingly high statistics of young women with eating disorders, the tagline for the week is “Everybody knows … Read more on RU Daily Targum

Bullying not just a K-12 issue
These students suffered more eating disorders, anxiety, depression and overall lower general health than those who had not experienced bullying in their lives, she said. The bullies themselves even reported more alcohol and drug abuse, game … Due to … Read more on Mankato Free Press

'Miss Representation' documentary opens up discussion at MC
Sixty-five percent of American women struggle with eating disorders and 17 percent of teen girls engage in cutting and self-harming behavior, according to the film. "Visual representations are not neutral; they … The film states there is reason to … Read more on Monmouth Daily Review Atlas