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Anorexia Story Through Pictures – I hope my story gives you hope. It is just a small insight of struggle that millions go through every day. However, this is not who I am anymore. The concerns listed in the video are no longer concerns of mine now. That being said, I do hope that awareness is raised on this issue. You can watch this video and get a glimpse into my life when I was anorexic, but this video doesn’t even begin to tell the story or the struggle of thousands of other girls… or my own. Speaking from a personal basis, you cannot see the cold, purple, numb hands, the lanugo covering my shivering body, my hair falling out in clumps, the cold, dark hands. I just spoke with an old teacher who had me when I was at my worst, and she told me I look miserable, had no friends, that the only conversations we had had were about food, that I was very hostile when asked if I had anorexia, would wear several layers of clothes at any time, including sweatshirts in the summer, spoke very, very fast due to OCD and being on the edge I guess, would zone out in class, etc. There are so many horrible memories I have from anorexia, and I hope to help girls suffering and also encourage eating disorder awareness.. hopefully to prevent the onset of this horrible disorder which becomes your life. If you have any questions, please contact me through formspring. It will ensure a response. If you message me, I may not be able to respond for a month.


Lady Gaga Praised By Campaigners Over Eating Disorder Admission

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Lady Gaga has won praise from health campaigners for opening up about her struggle with eating disorders. The Poker Face superstar has admitted to suffering from both bulimia and anorexia since she was 15 years old after pictures of her fuller figure …


Greenfield's THIN an Intimate Portrayal of Eating Disorders

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An exhibition of over 50 stunning photographs related to Greenfield's award-winning film THIN, a documentary that follows the lives of young women with eating disorders, is currently on display in the Gallery. The pictures show skeletal bodies, taut …
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Lady Gaga Admits to Eating Disorder After Getting Slammed For Weight Gain

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The response was instantaneous. Within hours of her post many of Gaga's fans had followed suit, uploading pictures of themselves that displayed scars, skin conditions, scars, and documentation of post-eating disorder weight gain. But the project has …
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