Anorexia- Eating Disorder Help


Anorexia- Eating disorder help – For those who are suffering or those who know someone who is, I hope this helps. I have suggested some places where you can get help and support.


Tyneside women launch eating disorder campaign
Calling themselves 'Fixers', they want people to understand that having an eating disorder isn't just about being consumed with weight control, but it is often accompanied by intense periods of depression too. Jane, who developed anorexia when she was … Read more on ChronicleLive

Gessler Corner: Two Types of Eating Disorders Affect Women
There are two basic types of eating disorders. One is known as anorexia nervosa and the other is bulimia nervosa. Although they sound strange, these conditions are very common. In fact, most primary care physicians will see these conditions on an on … Read more on News Chief

Obsession with Imperfection: Students struggle with body image issues
Cayson created a blog called “What Is Beautiful” for which she interviews UA students who have suffered from body image issues or eating disorders. “A lot of people think that body image is having an eating disorder – you have to be anorexic, you have … Read more on The University of Alabama Crimson White

According to, drunkorexia is a mixture of alcoholism and anorexia nervosa. UNA Health Service Director Jennifer Berry said, however, that it may still not be a necessarily diagnosable eating disorder. “While these behaviors are harmful … Read more on Flor-Ala (subscription)