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TSA quits using computers to look at you naked
After years of complaints from travelers, the TSA's body scanners will no longer show a TSA officer physically revealing images of a scanned travelers. Replacing the previous image is a generic image of a passenger's body. Along with its invasive pat … Read more on Daily Caller

Support Groups May 31, 2013
ACTS – Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series – is a curriculum-based self-help, recovery and educational program for anyone wanting to recover from alcohol or drugs, and their families. ACTS meets from 6 to 7 p.m. every Tuesday at Cedar Grove United … Read more on Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

Into Action Treatment Center for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Visits Miami
Into Action Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in South Florida, is visiting Just the Funny, an improv comedy club in Miami, Florida. Into Action Drug Treatment Center goes on weekend … 90 days, even if their insurance … Read more on Watch List News (press release)