An Inside Look at Our Rotten Prison System

An inside look at our rotten prison system
The curriculum I was reading promoted the best models of rehabilitation. I was so pumped but … He announced the “War on Drugs.” As David Simon, the writer of HBO's The Wire stated, “In effect this was a war on Blacks that evolved into a war on both … Read more on New Pittsburgh Courier

Kevin Bacon, Runaway Pig, Loose In New Jersey Community (VIDEO)
Cue the "Footloose" jokes! A pet pig affectionately nicknamed Kevin Bacon is still on the loose more than two weeks after it first escaped from its teenage owners in New Jersey. The 2-month-old porker had been adopted by a group of seniors at Kingsway … Read more on Huffington Post

Groups seek solutions to area's prescription drug abuse epidemic
Even though the prescription drug abuse problem looks grim, groups in the area and across Tennessee are trying to find solutions to the issue. One of the best solutions will be to … Some believe there are not enough available treatment centers for … Read more on Kingsport Times News