An Elle of a Business

An Elle of a business
Field was ushered into a small room and shown her admission documents – which she had never seen before – by a grumpy specialist. "[The person who arranged the admission] had 'diagnosed' me as an alcoholic and manic depressive," Field recalls. Read more on Sydney Morning Herald

Review: Torn Space Theater's 'Uncle Vanya'
There will always be incurably miserable people moping around in the world, so theater companies will always produce plays by Anton Chekhov, the Russian master of depression and despair. As part of the Buffalo Infringement Festival, Torn Space Theater … Read more on Buffalo News (blog)

Is Katie Holmes Dating Her New Costar? (Photos)
It tells the story of two people living with manic depression who meet and begin dating and how their lives become intertwined. Sounds a little dark, but I'm curious to see if working together on the movie results in a love connection for Katie and Luke! Read more on Babble

Jimi Hendrix Manic Depression Lesson
Time to get a little Manic!!! If you like what you see subscribe to my YouTube channel Papastache102. There are over 100 different songs, demos, and techniqu…