Amphetamine and Post-Stroke Rehabilitation: Indications and Controversies.

Amphetamine and post-stroke rehabilitation: indications and controversies.

Eur J Phys Rehabil Med. 2013 Apr 5;
Walker-Batson D

There is robust evidence for amphetamine (AMPH) facilitated recovery from behavioral deficits in animal models of stroke. Following experimental lesions, numerous studies of motor, somatosensory and vision recovery show AMPH accelerates the rate of recovery when paired with relevant behavioral experience. While the experimental literature continues to mount for an AMPH effect, the translation to clinical studies has been far less clear. This is due in part to the inherent difficulty of extrapolating results in animals to humans; however, there is much controversy regarding how the basic science data is interpreted for the design of human clinical trials. This review will: overview noteworthy experimental studies that have strong implications for human rehabilitation; describe the blinded drug/placebo clinical trials administering AMPH to enhance recovery of motor and language deficits post-stroke published to date; discuss the various complexities and controversies of designing clinical trials which may affect response/non-response to pharmacologic agents and conclude with suggestions of critical questions still to be answered for the rehabilitation specialist. HubMed – rehab


Role, indications, and controversies of antidepressant therapy in chronic stroke patients.

Eur J Phys Rehabil Med. 2013 Apr 5;
Paolucci S

Antidepressants are a heterogeneous class of drugs that have been developed for the treatment of mood disorders. In the past several years, they have been used in poststroke survivors to treat poststroke depression, central poststroke pain, and poststroke fatigue and as an adjuvant for functional recovery and cognitive function. However, there are still some relevant points to clarify regarding the real role of antdidepressants in stroke patients and further researches are needed to deeply explore their effects on rehabilitation results. HubMed – rehab



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