Am I the Only Person Who Thinks the Dog Island Is Either Stupid or a Scam? the Poor Puppies!?

Question by a person: Am I the only person who thinks the dog island is either stupid or a scam? The poor puppies!?
I really need to know what people think of this! This is madness! How could they do that to those dogs? Do you know that they could die? They act like that’s healthy, normal, and great! Disgusting! And some people’s good tax money is going there for funding? And then they have a whole CD where you can listen to a pack fight! A PACK FIGHT! Hello, that’s not making your dog happy! That’s giving it the death sentence and turning it into a monster! And have you heard thier cheesy philosophy? Idiotic! Pure stupidity! They compare our little puppies and all the love we give them to slavery! They talk about dogs like slaves, saying they should be free! And they lie! How is a little pomerainian or Chiwawa (pardon my spelling) supposed to catch, kill, and eat rodents? I could maybe understand if they were feeding and like rehabilitating the dogs (puppy rehab) and some scientists said that this would help them with violence issues or something, but no! Just some “dog lover”! Stop DogIsland!

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Answer by jen
Dog Island is an urban legend. The website is a farce. According to

This is a direct quote from
The Dog Island site is a hoax playing on western revulsion of Asian dog-eating practices, and its creators deliberately used names identical to those of persons and companies in China who process dogs for human consumption (for example, the “Dawn Fine Bred Dog Center” of which Dog Island is supposedly a subsidiary, the city of Pexian, and the name “Han Fei” are all references to the Dawn Fine Bred Meat Dog Center, a commercial operation in China where dogs are raised for meat.

There is a place called Dog Island off the coast off the northern panhandle of Florida, but it’s not a canine sanctuary. Most of it is owned by the Nature Conservancy, and they work with the Barrier Island Trust to “preserve the island in its natural state.”

The whole Dog Island does sound a little fishy to me, but you needn’t worry… it’s all just a silly hoax. 🙂

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