Alternative Treatments for Depression?

Question by Alexia: Alternative treatments for depression?
I suffer from depression. Medication does not work for me nor does therapy.. does anyone have any suggestions about alternative methods?

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Answer by ItsWittgensteinMiss
There are plenty of alternative treatments for depression out there. I’m going to leave you some links to pages with lists and info on the more common ones, but firstly I’d like to suggest hypnotherapy. I tried several sessions this year and had some success with it, but stopped going because of other reasons.

If you do try it, I reccommend that you find a qualified ‘clinical hypnotherapist’ and not just anyone claiming to be able to help. Also, do some research into the nature of hypnotherapy so that you know what you’re in for (it’s nothing scary or ‘magical’, and actually more grounded in meditation, common sense and undoing unhealthy thought patterns). Lastly, go in with an open mind. If you say to yourself “this isn’t going to work”, then it won’t. The success that I had was due to saying “even though I’d usually be skeptical about this sort of thing, I don’t know everything, so I’ll try it first, then form an opinion”.

I’d also like to mention that, while it isn’t a therapy exactly, making sure that you’re eating well, exercising regularly and getting decent sleep is important. I know that it won’t “fix” you, but so many people with depression find that doing this makes their depression somewhat easier to manage.

Here are those links:

Best of luck.

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