Alternative Treatment for Depression


Alternative Treatment For Depression – Depression allegedly strikes almost everyone in the U.S. at some time between adolescence and death. For info here


Study Helps Predict Response to Depression Drug
Predicting whether a depressed patient will respond to a particular treatment is notoriously difficult, but findings from a small study released Wednesday provide another encouraging sign that more effective treatment may be possible one day using a … Read more on Wall Street Journal

What is depression?
It's unfortunate that we use the same word for two different things – a low mood, and a diagnosable illness. It means people often fail to recognise the symptoms of depression, and don't get treatment for it. At its worst, severe depression can end in … Read more on ABC Online

When does your mental health become a problem?
Mental health problems are defined and classified to help experts refer people for the right care and treatment. … Neurotic conditions are extreme forms of 'normal' emotional experiences such as depression, anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Read more on BBC News