Alternative Depression Treatments?

Question by pb: Alternative depression treatments?
I’m 20yrs old and have been taking different depression medications for almost 3 years now… i did prozac, paxil, zoloft and now am taking effexor xr or something like that, i went through 3 different doctors, each one of them just switching the medication and telling me it takes time to adjust, but none of the medication really helps me much, and the side effects are really annoying… my legs and hands are all shaky and i clinch my teetch and it’s just frustrating… i really dont wanna do counseling unless there’s no other option, i’ve been to several doctors and i just dont wanna talk to anyone else about my problems to be honest… i dont know, it just doesn’t feel like it can really get better, i’ve been trying for a few years, and i’ve lost interest in pretty much everything and anything, i lost any social life i had, i just go to work come home and sleep and it’s not the way i wanna live my life…

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Answer by crimsonsky_bleedingheart
exercise. it will be hard at first, but it will really improve your energy, which will make it enjoyable, plus there are so many other benefits to exercise.

Answer by Vulcan 1
I find walking the treadmill to make me feel better.
it seems to increase the blood flow,giving me more energy and feeling better

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