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Alcoholism Rehab Center – Someone dealing with an alcohol problem will not always be able to see the warning signs or know where to turn for alcohol abuse help. Drinking alcohol is something many people truly enjoy to relax or to celebrate a special occasion, with a delectable meal or as part of a social ritual such as happy hour. Many people consume alcohol and have no trouble with moderation and know when to stop, others are not so fortunate. When alcohol abuse turns into full blown alcoholism, the time to reach out for help is now, before things escalate to a serious level and become dangerous. For more information you can visit our site or give us a call at 1-866-211-5538.


Residents Pack Hearing on Drug Treatment Centers

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At least half of the approximately 65 residents who showed up for a Bethlehem zoning hearing Wednesday night were sworn in en masse to testify regarding plans to build two drug and alcohol treatment centers. But they never got the chance. Most of the …


Narconon Freedom Center Michigan Hosts Drug Prevention Education Training

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Narconon Freedom Center, located in Albion, Michigan, is a private non-profit long term residential rehab program that is licensed by the State of Michigan. For nearly 10 years, Narconon Freedom Center has been providing alcohol and drug rehabilitation …
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