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I work with an addiction treatment center near Sacramento and it is indeed true that many people “in the middle” who need help are getting squeezed. I'd like to see much more thoughtful spending for drug and alcohol programs in this country – and a … Read more on About – News & Issues

'The Point Of Desperation:' From Rock Bottom To Recovery
It wasn't until 2007, with the birth of her daughter, that Hoppert would try to get off heroin again, using Methadone prescribed to her as an alternative. But in 2008, she tried to detox with Methodone in an effort to get back with her … At the Oak … Read more on

Deadly epidemic: Prescription drug overdoses
"It's not surprising with the greater access to medical procedures, like surgeries for knees, backs and hips," said Kent Runyon, director of Novus Medical Detox, a prescription drug private rehab center in New Port Rickey, Fla. "Patients get … Read more on USA TODAY

'Recovery Court': New state facility to provide substance abuse treatment
“We think if we put them in a drug rehab program it will be a much better and wiser use of taxpayers' money because while they are in the program, they will get treatment and help, and get them off their addiction, and teach them the kind of skills to … Read more on Kingsport Times News