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Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation – Alcoholism is a disease which can cause serious problems to health and life, families are torn apart at the seams and lives are lost due to careless and reckless drinking. When confronted about an alcohol problem, the person will most likely respond with embarrassment and guilt, because of not being able to stop and because of having to lie to the ones that love them most in the world. An alcoholism treatment program can put an ending to an alcohol problem and show the person that there is an entirely different path in life. Making the decision to get help allows an alcoholic to see how good it can be to live a sober life and gives them the tools and skills needed to beat the problem. For more information please visit our site at or give us a call at 1-888-469-8777.


Octomom's father checks into same rehab facility

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According to TMZ, Doud has checked himself into the Chapman House Rehabilitation Center on Wednesday citing alcohol addiction as his reason for treatment. Apparently inspired by his daughter, Doud decided to seek help for his addiction that allegedly …


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