Albizia – “Happiness Herb” – Chinese Medicine for Treating Stress, Anxiety and Depression


Albizia – “Happiness Herb” – Chinese medicine for treating stress, anxiety and depression – Visit our Official Shop here: – Albizia julibrissin view photo This freshly harvested 100% organic and finely powdered bark is very easy to use and just 3-5 grams is required for full effects. The bark makes a very sweet-woody flavored tea, which also has a soothing and spicy flavor to it. There are many shops selling lower grade Albizia bark and flowers for lower prices; their inferior quality causes you to waste your money for very little if any results. Traditional & Modern Use This tree is highly valuable in Chinese medicine as it has the most powerful properties for treating stress, anxiety and depression and is often referred to as “Herbal Prozac” or the “Happiness Herb” because of its wonderful mood enhancing properties. The bark and the flowers (which we also offer at our shop) are the most potent parts of this plant and as little as 3-5g per day as a tea, extracted in alcohol or even rolled like a cigarette or smoked in a pipe works amazingly well! We here at BotanicalSpirit Shop have also done some research with this plant. Several volunteers have tested drinking/smoking the bark and flowers 20-30 minutes before going to bed and almost everyone had a more peaceful sleep with very vivid and introspective dreaming. The gentle sedating effects of Albizia are so impressive because they do not cause ‘drowsiness’ but instead a mild wave of relaxation and mild euphoria that won’t put one to sleep necessarily, but definitely will allow one to


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