Agranulocytosis From Levamisole-Adulterated Cocaine.

Agranulocytosis from levamisole-adulterated cocaine.

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J Am Board Fam Med. 2012 Jul; 25(4): 528-30
Caldwell KB, Graham OZ, Arnold JJ

Introduction: Afebrile neutropenia with an absolute neutrophil count (ANC) of zero in a nonimmunocompromised individual is unusual. Outlined is a case of agranulocytosis likely due to levamisole laced cocaine. Given recent publications in the news media and medical journals, this is a pertinent issue for primary care providers. Case: A 57-year-old female presented with painful bowel movements and difficulty eating. Physical examination revealed two exquisitely tender ulcerated lesions on her lower lip and anus. Laboratory data revealed an ANC of 0 and urine drug screen positive for cocaine. She was prophylaxed with acyclovir, diflucan, and ciprofloxacin, and was started on granulocyte colony stimulating factor for four days. Her ANC normalized, but the cause of her severe neutropenia remained unclear. Discussion: Levamisole is a veterinary antihelminthic used for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and colorectal cancer in humans. 88% of regional cocaine samples are testing positive for levamisole, which is thought to potentiate cocaine’s effects but can also cause agranulocytosis. CONCLUSIONS: Our patient did not fit the clinical picture for malignancy, viral infection, or bone marrow pathology. Given the high rate of levamisole adulterated cocaine and an otherwise negative work-up, this is the most likely explanation for her agranulocytosis.
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“I’m Ready to Eat and Grab Whatever I Can Get”: Determinants and Patterns of African American Men’s Eating Practices.

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Health Promot Pract. 2012 Jul 5;
Griffith DM, Wooley AM, Allen JO

This article examines determinants and patterns of African American men’s dietary practices. Thematic content analysis was used to analyze data from nine exploratory focus groups conducted with 83 urban, middle-aged and older African American men from southeast Michigan. The men distinguished between healthy and unhealthy foods and “meals” versus other instances of eating. Eating patterns and content differed depending on the meal, work and family schedules, food availability, and whether it was a weekday or weekend. When eating alone or outside the home, men prioritized convenience and preferences for tasty, unhealthy foods. Men often reported skipping breakfast or lunch and grabbing snacks or fast food during the day. They emphasized sharing dinner with their spouses and families-usually a home-cooked, “healthy” meal. On weekends, spouses often cooked less and men snacked and dined out more frequently. Sunday dinners involving favorite, unhealthy comfort foods were the highlight of men’s eating practices. African American men tended not to follow healthy eating recommendations because of their busy lives, reliance on spouses to prepare food, and preferences for unhealthy foods. These findings suggest that healthy eating interventions must consider how the contexts of African American men’s lives shape their eating practices.
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Acculturation among Latino Primary Caregivers and Physician Communication: Receipt of Advice Regarding Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors.

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J Community Health. 2012 Jul 8;
Arellano-Morales L, Wood CM, Elder JP

The present study was part of a larger randomized controlled childhood obesity prevention trial based in 11 public recreation centers. The primary aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of a multi-level intervention to prevent the onset of overweight and obesity among children (5-8 years of age). However, the purpose of the current study was to identify sociodemographic variables, such as acculturation, that were associated with receipt of physician advice among Latino primary caregivers. Participants included 221 Latino primary caregivers and their children from San Diego, CA. Cross-sectional baseline data suggested that Latino children with private insurance were more likely to receive physician advice regarding their eating habits. Conversely, primary caregivers between the ages of 30-39 were less likely to receive physician advice regarding their child’s eating habits. Current findings highlight the continued need to improve preventive efforts and reduce health disparities among a vulnerable population, such as Latinos.
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The Impact of Work Nature, Lifestyle, and Obesity on Health-Related Quality of Life in Chinese Professional Drivers.

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J Occup Environ Med. 2012 Jul 5;
Wong CK, Fung CS, Siu SC, Wong KW, Lee KF, Lo YY, Fong DY, Lam CL

OBJECTIVE:: To assess the association of work nature, lifestyle and obesity with health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in professional drivers. METHODS:: A total of 3376 Chinese professional drivers aged 18 to 70 years were recruited to assess the HRQOL by SF-12 summary scores (Physical Component Summary [PCS]; Mental Component Summary [MCS]), and collect data for work nature, lifestyle, and body mass index. Factors associated with HRQOL were examined by multiphase regression analyses. RESULTS:: Professional drivers reported poorer physical and mental HRQOL than the general population. Shift work and lorry driving had significant negative effect on HRQOL. Obesity was associated with lower PCS but higher MCS. CONCLUSIONS:: HRQOL of professional drivers tended to be low, especially among lorry drivers and shift drivers. Health intervention programs should promote regular exercise, healthy eating, no smoking, and weight control, which are modifiable factors improving HRQOL.
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