Age vs Menopause

Age vs menopause
With proper diagnosis and treatment, most women can be cured of incontinence, and treatment options include pelvic floor exercises, medicines, biofeedback, devices like pessaries, and surgery. – Filepic. There is compelling evidence that menopausal … Read more on The Star Online

Women with postnatal depression and anorexia passed through Royal
Almost all teenage girls and women in their early 20s, they were treated as little more than guinea pigs by controversial psychiatrist William Sargant as he conducted a bizarre experiment to 'repattern' their brains and cure them of depression. If all … Read more on Daily Mail

Is England a nation on anti-depressants?
A seaside resort promising fun and excitement to visitors, emerges as the place in England with the highest proportion of its population regularly taking medication for depression and anxiety. Analysis of prescribing statistics reveals a number of … Read more on BBC News