After Going Through Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation, What Can One Do So as Not to Relapse?

Question by alycia q: After going through inpatient alcohol rehabilitation, what can one do so as not to relapse?
Naturally, when an individual goes out of inpatient alcohol rehabilitation, he is faced once again with the things that got him to be addicted to alcohol in the first place. So what can he do so that he would not tempted to go back to his old habits again?

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Answer by callista t
One thing that the recovering person can do would be to steer clear of people who are alcoholic. He should find new friends that will support and encourage him and would not lead him back to his addiction. He can find other things that he is interested in such as sports or art. Staying sober needs work and determination. The patient must always tap inside him and constantly remind himself that he must not drink alcohol again.

Answer by heebus_jeebus
I think the first poster should have said to stay away from *active* alcoholics. A recovering alcoholic (or any addictive person for that matter) needs to refrain from the
People, Places, and Things that may cause a relapse.

And it may cause some grief, but if sobriety is your priority, there will be people that you may have to leave behind. Your sobriety will become the focus your life.

There are lots of acronyms in AA, but one of the most meaningful to me is when someone has a “slip.” Read:
Sobriety Lost Its Priority.

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