After 64 Years Working on the Railroad, Oldest US Dispatcher to Retire

After 64 years working on the railroad, oldest US dispatcher to retire
But treatment for prostate cancer has left his right leg numb, making it increasingly difficult to get around the rail operations center in Kearny. “He was almost like a fixture here,” said his boss Jimmy Sincaglia, senior director of rail operations … Read more on The Star-Ledger –

Inducing labor may be tied to autism, study says
POLAND, Ohio – A local business is competing to get a free Superbowl commercial. …. Among girls, autism was not tied to induced labor; it was only more common in those born after labor was accelerated; they were 18 percent more likely to have the … Read more on WFMJ

Maumee Bay shore already turning shades of green
While not all algae is harmful, the type seen in the huge blooms in the western part of Lake Erie and other inland Ohio lakes can produce nerve and liver toxins, which are especially dangerous for pets, children, the elderly and those with comprised … Read more on Press Publications Inc.