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Affordable, Luxury, Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs – Congratulations on your choice to get help for your drug and/or alcohol addiction. Since you want results that will last, not just for a few weeks or a few months, but for a lifetime, The González Recovery Residences (The GRR) provide the support that you are looking for. The GRR Program is one of the most successful rehabilitation programs available; it is endorsed by Father Martin, co-founder of Father Martin’s Ashley and Terence T. Gorski, President of The Cenaps Corporation. The GRR provides a number of enjoyable and practical treatment programs for chemical dependency addiction. The substance abuse treatment programs are both affordable and effective. Drug abuse is a growing predicament in the world today. Addictions to drugs like alcohol and heroin are often difficult to overcome without professional help. Many parents, friends, teachers, family members and loved ones seek help from drug rehab facilities. The GRR relies on time tested principles and guidelines to help individuals successfully obtain and secure sobriety. Unfortunately, the long term success rate of a short term detox or short term drug and alcohol treatment centers is very low and individuals falling pray to relapse become discouraged. At The GRR however, chronic relapsers are finally able to find the support and practical experience they need in a real world setting. The GRR provides the ideal venue to learn and apply life skills critical to obtain and maintain comfortable sobriety. Some of the


Meds a good "first step" for treating alcoholism

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The findings make sense to addiction specialists given how each drug acts on the brain, according to Dr. Raymond Anton, head of the Center for Drug & Alcohol Programs at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Acamprosate is known to …
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