ADHD, Depression or Both?

ADHD, Depression or Both?
Talk with your child's doctor about medications. Recent research has suggested that psychotherapy and other treatments can be as effective as anti-depressant medications when depression is mild to moderate. However, for severe depression, medications … Read more on Gwinnett Citizen

It is a free program that teaches cancer patients hands-on cosmetic techniques to help them cope with appearance-related side effects from chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. Wig care, scarf and hat use, skin and nail care … Family to Family is … Read more on Wicked Local

What is Depression – symptoms, causes and treatment
Depression is a treatable medical illness. It is marked by extreme changes in mood and behavior. That`s why doctors call depression a mood disorder. Depression is not a problem with the character of a person or a sign of personal weakness. Read more on Telemanagement

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Stress – I Hate Anxiety Ex-Sufferer Recommendation
One of the many people who has benefited from ——————————————————————…