Addiction Rehab: [Characteristic Features Accompanying the Development of Addiction to Drugs].

[Characteristic features accompanying the development of addiction to drugs].

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Przegl Lek. 2012; 69(10): 960-4
Gerstenkorn A, Kulawiec K, Suwa?a M

It was confirmed that recreational use of opiates causes social and health problems and the more addicted the person is, the more often such problems occur. One hundred and four subjects, the users of the Internet forum on psychoactive substances www., who at least once in their life had used opiates to become intoxicated, were included in the study. Of the number of 104, 46 subjects were addicted, 43 were at risk of becoming addicted and the remaining ones had not used opiates within a period of 12 months. The mean age of the subjects was 22 +/- 3.5 years. The majority was males (76.9%). Most of the subjects lived in cities whose population was higher than 100 inhabitants (63.7%). Most frequently they used codeine and tramadol on their own. When they were becoming more and more addicted they were also more tolerant. They felt guilty because of the addiction, took drugs not only orally but they administered them in a different way, too. They tried to get opiates illegally and modified the activity of the drugs with other substances.
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[The attitude of the patients with mixed addictions towards the cigarette smoking].

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Przegl Lek. 2012; 69(10): 958-9
Korzeniowska K, Graduszy?ska R, Jab?ecka A

The nicotine addiction is an important problem of people also addicted from psychoactive substances and with behavioral addictions. Therefore the article tries to answers question concerning the attitude of patients with mixed addictions (including nicotine) to cigarette smoking. The surveys were carried out in Private Psychological Clinic. Among 20 patients, 17 were addicted to alcohol, 2 to drugs and 1 to internet. All patients with mixed addictions were also treated for the habit of smoking as an addiction. The results of this study suggested that addiction to psychoactive substances and internet is strictly associated with smoking.
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Social aspects of tobacco addiction and the quality of life of people smoking and non-smoking tobacco.

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Przegl Lek. 2012; 69(10): 908-13
Ka?ucka S

Harmfulness of smoking on the human body leads to the development of tobacco-related diseases, which contributes to a reduction in years of life. Active smoker cigarettes more often suffers from ill-health, emotional state, physical function, social activity, than a non-smoker. These differences are even more pronounced among the elderly. The aim of the study was to compare the quality of life in middle-aged and elderly among chronic smokers and non-smokers.The study included 400 people who were divided into two groups: those in middle age (100-hundred active smokers and 100 never smokers people) and the elderly (100-hundred active smokers and 100 never smokers people). The average age of respondents – 43.5 years for people in middle age and 65.3 years at the old age. Number of cigarettes smoked per day 15 pieces in middle-aged and 7 cigarettes by older people.When comparing the health of middle-aged to older people, to 42.5% of younger people are happy with the current state of health, this percentage decreases to 10% in the elderly. The results showed that none among the elderly smokers not rated health status as good, among nonsmokers was 20% of the respondents. There was statistically significant differences: between active smokers and nonsmokers in middle age (p<0,004), and in old age (p<0.0001). Middle age, hypertension was diagnosed in 32% of current smokers and only in three non-smokers (p<0.001). Hypertension among older people occurred twice as often among smokers than nonsmokers, like coronary heart disease, and 31% of smokers in the elderly suffered from COPD, compared to 2% of non-smokers (p<0.001). Middle age 39% of smokers, feels great due to the limitation of physical health, the elderly, 58% is several times more likely than their peers in groups of non-smokers (p<0.001). The pain is more common in smokers than non- smokers in both age groups, this is the pain of a strong and medium intensity. Nonsmokers, independent of age often engaged in family and social life than smokers in the same age groups (p<0.001).Cigarette smokers have chronic diseases earlier, more often and more numerous than in the group of non-smoking peers. Worse physical and psychological health of smokers reduces social activity and decrease in quality of life. HubMed – addiction


[Smoking among students–the comparison of author’s own investigations with literature].

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Przegl Lek. 2012; 69(10): 888-92
Rasi?ska R, Nowakowska I

Addiction is an acquired strong need to perform some action or use some substance. Cigarettes are the only product with proven carcinogens, legally sold all over the world. Smoking is the most common cause of death in the EU and despite a significant progress, the number of smokers in the EU is still high. The problem of addiction increases and has an impact on the educational process and social changes give new trends and phenomena with a strong impact on the behavior of young people.The aim of the research was the analysis of the anti-health behavior on the basis of nicotine addiction among students and the evaluation of circumstances and motives of smoking it.The research has been carried out in the years 2011-12 among students of several Poznan universities at the age of 19-35 by means of a questionnaire survey. The average age of respondents was 21.25 +/- 4.125 years. In the research participated 65.2% of men and 44.8% of women.Students beginning studies already possess specific anti-health behaviour. Most of them started to drink and smoke in the school-age. In case of the tobacco addiction better results were observed due to the greater awareness of the harmfulness which provoked “fashion for non-smoking” among young people. Most of them declare knowledge about the harmfulness of the addictions and consider their state of health as good despite the existing problem of addiction. The low level of addiction and a high level of motivation to stop smoking can be considered positive aspects of fighting the addiction.
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