Addict Breaks Into Her Own Mother's Home on Staten Island, Police Say

Addict breaks into her own mother's home on Staten Island, police say
Ms. Burrowes told police that she was homeless and had a “bad drug problem,” a law enforcement source familiar with the case said. Her mother had kicked her out, she told police, to pressure her into entering a drug treatment program, according to the … Read more on

Going cold turkey behind bars in Myanmar
The centre's popularity is a testament both to the severity of Myanmar's drug problem and the lack of options for users in a poor country where modern treatment programmes are rare. It offers a 40-day 'course' of prayer, bible study and devotional … Read more on

Addiction often misunderstood and difficult to overcome
Vedelago said people are especially vulnerable after rehabilitation because their body can no longer handle the amount of drugs they took before, which is how accidental overdoses happen. "People lose tolerance after treatment and they go back and use … Read more on Waterloo Record