Active Minds Launches Mental Health Blog Pennsive

Active Minds launches mental health blog Pennsive
“I really want this to be a place where people don't have to feel that they need to sugar coat — whether they speak or not, go to a therapist or not, I want them to be able to talk about it,” Liyanage said. “It's not a place that substitutes for … Read more on The Daily Pennsylvanian

Weather weary: Is it 'cabin fever' or something more?
One therapy that has shown much promise for the disorder is the use of special full-spectrum light boxes to replace the sunlight that is scarce this time of the year. “The lights are a huge way to help — especially with the sleep issues. It helps … Read more on Petoskey News-Review

'I am a girl': Transgender children face a society slow to accept them
Nearly all began treatment in the last year and a half. … The court ruled that Kosilek had received a legitimate diagnosis of “gender identity disorder” — defined as “a psychological condition involving a strong identification with the other gender … Read more on Kansas City Star