A Randomized Clinical Trial of Fibromyalgia Treatment With Acupuncture Compared With Fluoxetine.

A randomized clinical trial of fibromyalgia treatment with acupuncture compared with fluoxetine.

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Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2012 Oct; 14(10): 631-40
Hadianfard MJ, Hosseinzadeh Parizi M

To evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture and compare it with fluoxetine in treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS).We conducted a prospective, randomized clinical trial. Fifteen patients were treated with acupuncture and compared with a control group (n=15) of patients who received fluoxetine. Visual analogue scale, Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) and determined number of tender points were used as outcome measurements.After four weeks, the acupuncture group was significantly better than the control group in the number of tender points. Total fibromyalgia symptoms were significantly improved in the acupuncture group compared with the control group during the study period (P= 0.01). The largest difference in mean FIQ total scores was observed at 4 weeks (42.2 VS. 34.8 in the control and acupuncture groups, respectively; P= 0.007). At the end of one year of the follow up, patients who received acupuncture were significantly better than the control group in all measures. Fatigue and anxiety were the most significantly improved symptoms during the follow up period.Acupuncture significantly improved pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia. Also, we found that acupuncture did not have any side effect and was tolerable.
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Prevalence of ACTN3 (the athlete gene) R577X polymorphism in Iranian population.

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Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2012 Oct; 14(10): 617-22
Fattahi Z, Najmabadi H

Ability of athletes in speed or endurance contests somehow is determined by inherited muscle fiber types. One of the important genes involved in sport genetics is ACTN3 that is located on chromosome 11q13-q14 and encodes ?-actinin-3, which belongs to highly conserved family of ?-actinin proteins. Genetic analysis of ?-actinin-3 gene has showed a polymorphism R577X (rs1815739), which results in premature stop codon and leads to non functional ?-actnin-3 protein. ACTN3 genotype can contribute to the performance in elite and endurance activities. R577X polymorphism replaces arginine by stop codon. Individuals homozygous for R577 have full copy of ?-actinin-3 and elite and power sprint athletes show significantly higher frequency of 577R allele. In the other hand, some studies represented that X allele have high level of frequency in endurance athletes. However, this data remains controversial Since there is no information about the frequency of ACTN3 genotype in our population therefore as the first step it is essential to determine the genetic background of Iranian population. The objective of this study was to genotype normal Iranian individuals to determine the prevalence of each allele in our population.We used PCR-RFLP method for genotyping 210 normal individuals.Total of 210 Iranian normal individuals for distribution of R577X and R alleles were genotyped. The different genotypes were as follow; 24% RR (50/210), 65%RX (136/210) and 11%XX (24/210), with allelic distribution of 0.56 and 0.44 for 577R and 577X alleles of ACTN3.This allelic distribution for Iranian’s is more close to Caucasian population, which is concurrent with the route of ancient human’s migration from Iran Plateau toward Europe. Our results showed no different patterns of allelic distribution among female and males, which was the same in other studies too, although some differences has been reported in the studies on athletes population.
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Prosthetic-restorative approach for the restoration of tooth wear. Vdo increase, rehabilitation of anatomy and function and aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth. Case report.

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Oral Implantol (Rome). 2012 Apr; 5(2-3): 70-4
Gargari M, Ceruso FM, Prete V, Pujia A

Prosthetic-restorative approach for the restoration of tooth wear. Case reportThis article presents a case report of combined prosthetic-adhesive rehabilitation in a patient with a generalized tooth wear.A combined treatment adhesive – prosthetic was proposed to a male patient of 65 years old having a clinically significant tooth wear, with dentine exposure and with a reduction in clinical crown height. The erosive/abrasive worn dentition have been reconstructed with direct resin composite restorations on the posterior teeth and with zirconia crown on the anterior teeth.Direct composite restorations have a number of distinct advantages. These restorations have proved durable and aesthetic, protect tooth structure and posterior occlusal contact is predictably re-established. CONCLUSIONS.: A combinations of direct and indirect restorations, based on the new vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO), can help to reestablish anatomy and function.
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Computer-assisted virtual treatment planning combined with flapless surgery and immediate loading in the rehabilitation of partial edentulies.

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Oral Implantol (Rome). 2012 Jan; 5(1): 3-10
DE Vico G, Spinelli D, Bonino M, Schiavetti R, Pozzi A, Ottria L

It has been suggested that for success with immediate loaded dental implants it is necessary that, prior to their placement, bone quality and quantity as well as the biomechanical environment in which the implants are to function be evaluated.However, conventional techniques currently used for immediate implant placement lack sufficient precision and are usually accomplished by opening flap procedures. Nowadays computer-guided flapless surgery for implant placement using stereolithographic templates is gaining popularity among clinicians and patients. The advantages of this surgical protocol are its minimally invasive nature, accuracy of implant placement, predictability, less post-surgical disconfort and reduced time required for definitive rehabilitation. The introduction of digital planning programs has made it possible to place dental implants in preplanned positions and being immediately functionally loaded by using prefabricated prostheses. The surgical guide is used, infact, to develop a master model and fabricate the provisional bridge that will be secured to the implants immediately after their placement using the guided surgery template. In this way patients are able to achieve, in the same day of the surgery, a comfortable fixed rehabilitation needing only minor occlusal adjustments. Job S. et al during the three-month period, have demonstrated that the average reduction of crestal bone height around the implants placed with flapless surgery (0.06 mm) is not statistically significant, while the average reduction of crestal bone height around the implants placed using flap surgery (0.4 mm) is statistically significant, concluding that the use of stereolithographic appliances in accordance with flapless surgery makes immediate placement of the implants more predictable. However, the documentation of this technique in partial rehabilitations is limited. PURPOSE of this paper is to report the benefit of sophisticated pre-operative diagnostic implant planning and a flapless surgical approach with immediate loading in the rehabilitation of partial edentulies.
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