A Question for People Who Have Recovered From an Eating Disorder?

Question by To Hope: A question for people who have recovered from an eating disorder?
I’ve been having problems with eating for the past four years, and I’m considering getting help. One of the things that is holding me back is if the emotional problems will actually go away. I have forced myself in the past to eat more, but the guilt and obsession that comes along with food still stays, and I eventually regress back into not eating. Is it possible to be “cured” and really feel normal eating?

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Answer by !There is no cure for Ignorance!
I starved myself down to 4 stone i am now a healthy weight but even after hospital help and counseling i do see some one once a month for this i still have a hang up about food and still on odd occasions still starve myself my councilor said that not every one is cured and some people it will always live with them but be managed that is me i am not cured but live with it

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