A Heart Smart Diet Is a Balanced Diet


A Heart Smart Diet is a Balanced Diet – Eating a heart health diet does not have to be difficult or require some fancy fad or diet. Portion control and eating a well balanced diet are the cornersto…


Experts raise concern that school obesity-prevention programs may trigger
But despite these good intentions, researchers are finding that the programs are causing “food neurosis” and eating disorders in children who used to never give calorie counting and weight loss a second thought. “Healthy eating and weight initiatives … Read more on Yahoo! Canada Shine On (blog)

Eating disorders go viral via #thinspiration and #anorexia
While Campbell has been healthier since participating in an eating disorder rehabilitation program, women like her have a high chance to be drawn back into their disease. A study by the Harris Center for Education and Advocacy in Eating Disorders at … Read more on wtvr.com