A Good Eating Disorder Treatment Center?

Question by : A good eating disorder treatment center?
This is kind of personal, but I have a problem with binge eating, and it’s always in the middle of the night. It affects my sleep a lot too, like my usual bedtime is around 3-4 am. I’ve tried some pretty extreme things to stop it, but I still struggle with it every single day. Night eating for me has developed into a weird addiction. I honestly feel like a crack addict trying to stop!

I was looking for some kind of inpatient treatment center that specializes in this kind of thing. It would have to be inpatient because I just need to be out of the house at night. I was thinking of going away for a few weeks somewhere this summer- Anywhere in the country is fine, as long as they have a good reputation.

Has anyone had a good experience in an eating disorder treatment center? I’d appreciate any advice!

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Answer by Phil C
the best place i know is Rebecca’s House. Really great staff there. Ask for Candice

Answer by Erica
Hi, it is great that you are getting help. Binge eating is a serious addiction and staying up alone and eating is quite painful. Here are some very reputable places that can help:




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