A Double Amputee Goes to Afghanistan to Bring Peace and Stability While We “Muslims” Sit and Watch?

Question by Smashing Pumpkins Forever: A double amputee goes to Afghanistan to bring peace and stability while we “Muslims” sit and watch?


I thought the Koran read that when a Muslim country disputes with another Muslim country, or in a state of war within itself (two groups of Muslims fighting with one another..), all Muslims countries should come together to stop the dispute and if one of the disputants persists in fighting while the former restrains, then everyone should overpower and secure the persisting troublemaker (49:9). Incredible wisdom that makes sense, but then why aren’t we so-called “Muslim” countries coming together to end the war in Afghanistan (which also overflows into Pakistan)? Why do we sit on the sidelines when the U.S. and ISAF are sacrificing their men to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan? Are we “Muslims” not ashamed that a double-amputee goes to Afghanistan to help bring peace and stability to the Afghan people there? Is he an “American Agent” and part of an agenda to “overthrow” and “colonize” Afghanistan and who is going to get a piece of land in Afghanistan as his reward? Man went to the moon 40yrs ago, and you are telling me “Muslim” countries cannot send a portion of their armed forces to secure Afghanistan and Pakistan’s tribal areas, as well as sending brilliant people like Dr. Mahathir Muhammad, King Abdulla, Hamza Yusuf, etc to talk sense to the Taliban not to earn Allah’s condemnation in their bringing bloodshed and disorder to Afghanistan and her people? Why are the Palestinians silent when they hear that a wacko suicide bomber blew himself up in a market full of innocent Muslim men, women and children in Iraq or Pakistan? Wasn’t it the Palestinians who first used suicide attacks (against Israelis during the 1990’s and proving their total lack in the simple power of praying to God for help and guidance in their trials? I put my life in Allah’s hands I was greatly saddened and horrified on reading about those first attacks and I knew it would be a matter of time before they back-fired on Muslim people…). And why is our “Center” of Islam, Saudi Arabia, sitting on a bench and eating an ice cream cone when it was their ultra-orthodox Wahabi/Salafi tenets that became the air and blood of Taliban fighters? Why isn’t Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan with its troops and wise men to tell the Taliban “hey guys, enough is enough lets all sit down and talk…). As always, my intentions not to hurt anyone’s feeling, I’m just being plain and direct.

P.s. As for the Iraq war (both GW1 and GW2), I was not in favor of these wars that cost hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives and the total destruction of Iraq (which under Saddam Hussain’s rule was one of the progressive and modern states in the Middle East, even streets ahead of Saudi and the UAE during the 80’s…). I assure that both Bush’s (father and son) will be questioned by the Great One, and I feel sorry for them…
Justin: Thanks for your contribution, but my question was for Muslims only. Your thoughts were a spattering of opposing views. I think the war and power themes of your Star Wars movies have really gotten to your head…

Oops: What do I suggest we Muslims do? I suggest every Muslim country in the world should send troops to secure Afghanistan, then their best minds to explain and prove to the Taliban that what they are doing is AGAINST the Koran. The Koran tells us it is better to go to battle and bring peace and security to the land rather than stay home and sit. If we 1 billion “Moslems” do not have the guts or drive to do this then we are “Munafaqin” par exellence. I reiterate that Saudi Arabia and the Palestinians should be in the forefront providing troops and counselors to end and secure the war in Afghanistan as it was their Wahabi/Salafi tenets and suicide bombing practice respectively that gave breath to the Taliban… All of us have blood on our hands…

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Answer by Justin Lucas
im sorry but i cannt help but laugh at this.
i dont think “muslim” countries coming to the aid of the united states would help anything. You may have seen the reaction to the ground zero mosque i doubt muslim assistance in anything would be accepted by the general public. Telling he taliban “enough is enough” sounds like a genuinely stupid idea, if they dont understand by the immense loss in life then words cannot do much better.
you seem to thinkthat simply praying to god will end world conflict, or at least help win wars. however if this where th way things are, world piece would be currently happening.im not here to judge, if u want to believe that your god will save you if you ever got into a war, so be it. i will not enter your house and disrespect your beliefs. but really.. that sort of thing wil lead to mass deaths becase people believe they are “safe.
the bush’s being damned… well i dnt see what senior did trribly wrong. but his son did what needed to be done. america is in a financial crisis and starting a war machine ( even a small one) can get the economy flowing like nothing else. but being judged by the gods, thats going reall far and its kinda funny to think about.

Point being, muslims do nothing because they cannot and should not because really… you arent needed. if the united states wishs to finish the war they will…its all about how much civilians die in the process

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