A Better Bionic Leg, Moved by Mind Control

A better bionic leg, moved by mind control
A team of researchers led by Levi Hargrove from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago's Center for Bionic Medicine reported its results with the novel prosthetic in the New England Journal of Medicine. “In my mind, it's still the same thing in terms … Read more on Bend Bulletin

66 questions and answers about federal government shutdown
What about the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts? The Kennedy Center does receive an annual appropriation from Congress, but also runs on ticket revenue and endowment funds. The center expects to stay open through … The Supplemental Nutrition … Read more on Detroit Free Press

VA Will Cut Off Disability Payments If Shutdown Lasts a Month // 3:50 PM ET
The 152 hospitals, 800-plus clinics and 300 vet centers operated by the Veterans Health Admninistration, funded by multi-year appropriations, will continue to operate, VA said. VHA employs roughly 250,000 people who would continue to work and draw pay … Read more on Nextgov