12 No-Bake Cookies That Are Simply Delicious

12 No-bake Cookies That Are Simply Delicious
… of course, until you have to turn on your oven in the middle of a searing July day. In which case, you're left with the ultimate dilemma…cookie or cooking? We say you can have you sweets and eat them, too! These 12 no-bake cookie recipes are … Read more on Babble

Edward Snowden, Michael Meili, And The United States' Hypocrisy On
Most recently, the United States seems to be overly concerned with all that free speech Russia is allowing Snowden, which would be like Switzerland criticizing another country for eating way too much chocolate. … Moreover, according to Meili's … Read more on Techdirt

Spring 2014 Sneak Previews
Albert Whitman Teen breaks an omerta for Mafia Girl by Deborah Blumenthal, about a student at an elite Manhattan prep school whose father is a mob boss; Skin and Bones by Sherry Shahan, starring a boy with an eating disorder; and Used to Be by Jolene … Read more on Publishers Weekly