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101st Akal Academy, Chunni Kalan, Mohali, Inaguration NEWS.flv – Who we are The Kalgidhar Society is a humanitarian charity organization that primarily builds educational institutions for the poor in underprivileged rural areas of North India. Due to the desperate need of medical facilities in the far-flung rural areas, The Kalgidhar Society has established various drug & alcohol rehabilitation and healthcare centers for the rural neglected. The Kalgidhar Society’s Financial literacy for women empowers unemployed rural women with skills to earn livelihood and live a dignified life. Who we serve The Kalgidhar Society serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender in the remote deprived areas of India. Why we serve To build superior human character and high moral values in youth as a way to establish permanent world peace and universal brotherhood. Global reach The Kalgidhar Society is an international organization with headquarters in North India. We have branch offices in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore. Global confidence With the Kalgidhar Society’s trusted & transparent methodology of working, individual and corporate donors are increasingly willing to provide ongoing support. Around 90% of all contributors to The Kalgidhar Society are annually contributing members. Thank you for your interest in the charitable work of The Kalgidhar Society!


Legalize drugs to help solve national debt

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Alcohol is a pretty serious drug compared to Marijuana. 3) And, they are there because the law and justice system puts them there. If the law was right then they would not be in rehab. If the stigma was reduced they would not be in rehab. Rehab numbers …
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