041 How You Can Transform Your Life


041 how you can transform your life – How I turned my life around.


'Up to 5% of population' addicted to alcohol or drugs
“Between 3 to 5% of Qatar's population is addicted to either alcohol or drugs, which is why we want to establish the Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in order to tackle the problem head on,” Supreme Council of Health's Treatment and … Read more on Gulf Times

15 graduate from juvenile drug court
In its eighth year, drug court is designed to assist in the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders who have been adversely affected by drugs and alcohol. The court provides supervised treatment and case management, mandatory drug testing, community … Read more on Dayton Daily News

Huge appeal to give generously
Captain Saunders said “practical help” is given in a number of ways including support, food vouchers and help with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. “I'm a chaplain to the community and always assisting the community materially, spiritually and … Read more on Central Western Daily