Sugar Free Diet? Are They Realistic Long Term, Permanently?

Question by Fruity: Sugar Free Diet? Are they realistic long term, permanently?
Cancer runs heavily on my moms side, and I know my diet is not the best. I don’t drink Sodas or eat Fast Food everyday but I know that there is too much processed food and Sugar in my diet.

For the past year I have replaced all my homemade sweets (Desserts and Coffee) with Splenda, So the only time I have real sugar is if I go to a restaurant etc.

I am 35lbs over weight, in my 30’s (Female) and want to make a serious change after a cancer scare. I have been reading books on living and being healthier, I’ve noticed a common theme on eliminating Bad Carbs, Starches and Sugar completely.

It does make sense, but my heart is racing just thinking about never having dessert again, or the occassional birthday cake at a party etc. I realize I am a sugar addict and I have been reducing my Splenda and Starches the past few days, I feel like I’m a heroin addict in rehab, I’m about to lose my mind. The craving for sugar and bread is so intense right now, I can’t even think straight.

It has me wondering, what’s worse eating what I want and dying of cancer instead of old age, or living a longer (healthier) life but constantly craving and depriving myself.

I know I probably sound pretty dramatic, but I’m feeling dramatic right now.
Advice please??
Excellent answer Liz, thanks so much!

Best answer:

Answer by Liz
1. Not realistic.
2. You need energy. While it is good to cut down on the very processed carbohydrate type foods, you need to introduce healthy carbs more too.
3. Carbohydrates are a type of sugar and considering you do need some carbs in your diet, a sugar-free diet would not actually be very healthy (and would certainly lead to hormonal imbalances).
4. For the record, artificial sweeteners have been strongly linked to increased cravings for sugar & appetite in general (you can fool the taste buds but you can’t fool the stomach/brain) and have even been linked to various cancers (like stomach cancers).
If you want to reduce your risks of cancer, stick to a healthy natural foods emphasis type of diet and avoid the man-made or highly refined products (and don’t attempt to cut any major food group out). Try to stay away from the pseudo science too (these books can be full of it).
5. You are getting extreme cravings because your diet is nutritionally imbalanced. Factors like a like a lack of exercise & low moods will also worsen (or cause) cravings for junk foods. You crave these junk foods because your body is trying to self-medicate (but is pointing you towards the wrong foods, for example strong cravings for ice cream are often actually an indicator that your diet is lacking in amino acids etc).

So start concentrating on improving the nutritional diversity of your diet (research all the vitamins/minerals- for example do you know what good natural sources of magnesium, vitamin A, Iron, Riboflavin or vitamin B 12 would be?) and take up an exercise regime (essential not only to effectively loose weight, but also improve hormonal balances which will help all kinds of other things like sleeping patterns, energy & general mood levels, and protect you from cancer too etc).

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