Drug Addiction Treatment at a Drug Rehab Center Is Often Delayed by Denial Behavior!


Drug Addiction Treatment At A Drug Rehab Center Is Often Delayed By Denial Behavior! – http://GoodFutureTeenRehab.com Drug addiction treatment at a drug rehab center is often delayed by parental denial of the severity problem and complexity of …


Houston tries prostitute rehab for women in jail
Lisa Riles, center, leads a cheer during a group meeting in their Harris County jail cell Tuesday, June 4, 2013, in Houston. … After entering and failing nearly two dozen drug rehab programs, Griffin got clean 10 years ago through Houston's drug court. Read more on The State

Hellertown man who stole fiancee's identity sent to rehab
… headed, under a Northampton County judge's sentence Wednesday. Laudenslager, 42, who has been in jail for four months, received a time-served to 23-month sentence from Judge Craig Dally, who ordered that he be paroled only to a treatment facility. Read more on Allentown Morning Call