African American Incarceration, Dr. DBurris-Kitchen1


African American Incarceration, Dr. DBurris-Kitchen1 – Comments With Dr. James Haney Presents*African American Incarceration, with Dr. DBurris-Kitchen, one of the leading activists on the issue of African American Incarceration, who talks about some of the hardships incarceration has upon young African American men and women, who are penalized long after they serve their time, Part 1 The level of violence the Report considered has become a part of our school system, which is only a reflection of the violence in our homes and society. The General Assembly, for example, is considering a bill that would make it a felony for parents if their child killed another child with a handgun. Such radical proposals only testify to the increasing number of personal assaults in our schools and the seizure of knives and guns from the very young. Teen violent death rates can be decreased, said the Report, “by shaping teen behavior through positive approaches. These include the development of social skills among teenagers, especially conflict resolution skills, positive role models, monitoring guns and other weapons, enforcing minimum drinking age laws and drunk driving laws, and giving teens greater access to counseling and drug rehabilitation services.” Teen violent deaths can also be decreased through efforts to create closer cooperation between communities and law enforcement officials. In Nashville, for example, law enforcement officials have endorsed a plan that would offer financial rewards for anyone participating in neighborhood crime


New Kroc Center leader is fifth-generation Salvation Army officer

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Meanwhile, his brother, Bill Miller, runs a major Salvation Army alcohol and drug rehabilitation program in Minneapolis; his son, Andrew Stewart Miller III, is a Salvation Army corps officer in Lawrenceville, Ga.; and his daughter, Diana James, and her …
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Riverside Township Lions Club shares K among 33 local organizations

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Organizations serving Riverside Township that received donations this year include: The North Riverside and Riverside public libraries, to purchase materials for the hearing-impaired and visually-impaired; the anti-drug program at Hauser Junior High …
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