Depression Test?

Question by Miss Tyra: depression test?
is there a online test i can take to see if i actually have it? I mean like i havce a few symptons but im not sure

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Alcohol Treatment | Drug Rehab Center Pittsburgh

Alcohol Treatment | Drug Rehab Center Pittsburgh — Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem in Pittsburgh. But it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. It’s never too late to receive the proper treatment…

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Accelerated Physical Therapy Celebrates Grand Opening of New, Multifaceted

Accelerated Physical Therapy celebrates grand opening of new, multifaceted
… kinesiotaping, and return-to-sport conditioning programs. The clinic also offers free performance evaluations* to help patients assess their deficits and determine if further care is necessary. … patient services and… Continue reading

Cincinnati Children's Strikes Deal on DNA Test to Diagnose Allergic Disorder

Cincinnati Children's strikes deal on DNA test to diagnose allergic disorder
Research conducted at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is expected to speed the diagnosis of an allergic inflammatory condition of the esophagus through a test of a patient's DNA,… Continue reading

Ballpark Neighbors Against Homeless-Day-Center Proposal Take Their Protest to

Ballpark neighbors against homeless-day-center proposal take their protest to
We support directing our community's limited resources to address the root causes of homelessness through comprehensive strategies like long-term housing, treatment and job training. … Many are drug addicts. Quite… Continue reading

Lives 'Left in Ruin' by Rising Tide of Depression Drugs

Lives 'left in ruin' by rising tide of depression drugs
“GPs and psychiatrists hand out these drugs for the most unbelievable reasons — when patients are having marital problems or have failed exams — occasions that would make anyone feel… Continue reading

Alcohol Rehab Ontario CA | Drug Addiction Ontario CA | Detox Ontario CA

Alcohol Rehab Ontario CA | Drug Addiction Ontario CA | Detox Ontario CA — Alcohol Rehab Centers Ontario utilizes safe and medically proven methods, providing a cu…

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Los Angeles Drug Rehab

Los Angeles Drug Rehab — Discover how to choose the best Los Angeles Drug Rehab and Drug Rehab Center. This decision could be the most important one y…

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Where Are the Best Free Drug Clinics and Rehabilitation Centers in the Country.?

Question by shadow: where are the best free drug clinics and rehabilitation centers in the country.?
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Delight in Disorder

Delight in Disorder
Some on my treatment team and in my faith community seemed to steer me toward such a "prophetic" outcome as if it were divine will. I was advised by ministry supervisors to label my diagnosis a form… Continue reading