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Drug Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania | Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania – http://pennsylvaniarehabcenters.net Drug Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania treats addiction to alcohol, marijuana, pharmaceuticals, and more by means of detox, a…


The Girl Who Turned to Bone
Not only is there no drug to prescribe, but in many cases, scientists have little idea of the underlying cause of the disease. And until recently, people … There she earned a bachelor's degree in social work, interning at nursing homes and … Read more on The Atlantic

Breakfast links: Best policies
(WAMU). Penn Ave bike lane update: The mayor's office says that enforcement is happening and flex posts are on the way to help stop U-turns across the Pennsylvania Ave. bike lanes, though the flex posts will be subject to approval from several agencies … Read more on Greater Greater Washington

America: What's more harmful, pot use or incarceration?
More than 180,000 college students have been denied or delayed federal financial aid as a result of a drug conviction, according to a report by the Coalition for Higher Education Act Reform published in 2006. “At the student level, nothing happens if … Read more on MinnPost.com