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Drug Rehab Centers in Michigan: A High Level of Intensive Care – Health Medicine – Drug Rehab Centers in Michigan: A High Level of Intensive Care – Health Medicine. When the automotive industry began to struggle, many in the state of Michigan fell onto hard times. When such stresses occur, it isn’t out of the ordinary to see the use of harmful drugs enter the picture. Drug rehab centers in Michigan have all of the necessary counseling techniques to help those that have fallen on hard times gather themselves, eliminate their substance abuse, and get back into a position where they have complete control over their lives and can look forward to a brighter future. Drug rehab locations have several different approaches that they may take, but when accurately paired with the addict, the road to recovery is within reach. When trying to determine whether you or someone you love is in need of assistance, keep an eye out for these warning signs: Erratic Sleeping Patterns Depression is almost always involved when substance abuse is occurring, which is why sleep patterns play a significant role in the mental and physical health of an individual. If you or someone you love begins staying up late at night, working on a hobby of some sort, while drinking or partaking in drugs, there is likely an issue. While the “night owl” isn’t always an addict, a sudden change in sleeping patterns may signal a problem. Changes in Appearance Some drugs will not show much bodily damage for quite some time, but in some cases, the impact that they have on a person’s health are easily


AssureRx Health Forms Scientific Advisory Board to Support Pharmacogenomic

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Brian D. Athey, PhD, Chair, Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics, Associate Director, Michigan Institute for Clinical Health Research, University of Michigan Medical School, Vice Chairman Tracy A. Glauser, MD, Associate Director of …
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More quotes of 2012 by local newsmakers

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15, sentencing the CEO of a now-closed eye care medical center to two years jail and restitution for embezzling $ 78,000 from the business. (Page 2 of …. Volunteer cuddler at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Jo Ann Pierce, April 15, of the clear …
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Savings drainer

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7 GAO report argued that Medicare has been overpaying for end-stage renal disease treatment by relying on 5-year-old drug use trends that are no longer accurate. Yet the cuts run even deeper than … A CMS-supported study from the University of …
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