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Drug Rehab Center – Inspire Malibu Drug Rehab Center – www.InspireMalibu.com – If you’re struggling with addiction or someone you care about is suffering from substance abuse, our medical approach to addiction will change your life. Inspire Malibu offers the standard of excellence in comprehensive individual care for Addiction and Alcoholism. Addiction is a medical problem, a brain disorder, with behavioral symptoms. We address the medical problem with proven clinical methods, and we take the same “proven effective” approach to the emotional and psychological component. Inspire Malibu offers the addict or alcoholic the same level of comprehensive professional care as someone with any other chronic and treatable medical condition. We are the pioneer in non 12 step treatment. Call (866) 444-1838, and ask about our drug and alcohol treatment guarantee. Find information about Drug Addiction Treatment on our website www.inspiremalibu.com Alcohol Rehab Treatment www.inspiremalibu.com We also have a drug and alcohol treatment brochure on our website and another that outlines eating disorder treatment: www.inspiremalibu.com


From Entitled to Thankful: Raising Children with an Attitude of Gratitude

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Grateful teens are not only more pleasant to be around, but according to one study, they are also less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, be depressed and have behavioral problems at school. This isn't the first study to explore the science of …
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