Glamazini 314 • My Experience With Depression Medication


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Invitation to a Dialogue: Benefits of Talk Therapy
But this either-or way of thinking obscures the fact that talk therapy affects the brain and is no less biological than pills. Numerous findings over the last two decades demonstrate how talk therapy alters the brain. Disabling conditions like clinical … Read more on New York Times

Depression May Increase Stroke Risk in Middle-Aged Women
Women were asked to self-report their depression, medication use and diagnosis or treatment. They also self-reported any stroke they may have suffered. Additionally, stroke deaths were identified using a national database. Over 10,000 women … Read more on KMBZ

Guam prosecutor cites ethical lapses, possibly even criminal acts by lawyer
… that Quichocho took unfair and unethical advantage of a client, Jung Ja Kim, by sexually victimizing her while she was on depression medication, thwarting her recovery, in an act of moral turpitude, and violative of the American Bar Association's … Read more on Saipan Tribune