Depression Treatment: Increased ?-Endorphin Level in Blood Plasma as an Indicator of Positive Response to Depression Treatment.

Increased ?-Endorphin Level in Blood Plasma as an Indicator of Positive Response to Depression Treatment.

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Bull Exp Biol Med. 2012 Sep; 153(5): 758-60
Kubryak OV, Umriukhin AE, Emeljanova IN, Antipova OS, Guseva AL, Pertsov SS, Sudakov SK

Preliminary data indicate that increased blood plasma level of ?-endorphin in patients with nonpsychotic unipolar depression after 2 weeks of treatment correlates with the positive response to therapy. This parameter can be regarded as an objective indicator of potential improvements. Further studies aimed at determining the value of blood ?-endorphin levels in patients with mood disorders for the diagnostics and estimating the therapeutic success in this disease are required.
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Is suicide predictable?

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Iran J Public Health. 2012; 41(5): 39-45
Seghatoleslam T, Habi H, Rashid RA, Mosavi N, Asmaee S, Naseri A

THE CURRENT STUDY AIMED TO TEST THE HYPOTHESIS: Is suicide predictable? And try to classify the predictive factors in multiple suicide attempts.A cross-sectional study was administered to 223 multiple attempters, women who came to a medical poison centre after a suicide attempt. The participants were young, poor, and single. A Logistic Regression Analiysis was used to classify the predictive factors of suicide.Women who had multiple suicide attempts exhibited a significant tendency to attempt suicide again. They had a history for more than two years of multiple suicide attempts, from three to as many as 18 times, plus mental illnesses such as depression and substance abuse. They also had a positive history of mental illnesses.Results indicate that contributing factors for another suicide attempt include previous suicide attempts, mental illness (depression), or a positive history of mental illnesses in the family affecting them at a young age, and substance abuse.
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Mental health and well-being in different levels of perceived discrimination.

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Iran J Public Health. 2012; 41(4): 46-54
Noorbala A, Heris MA, Alipour A, Mousavi E, Farazi G

To compare mental health and well-being in different levels of the perceived discrimination among Iranian people living in Tehran.Using multi-stage sampling, 1255 subjects with the average age of 45 years and 9 months (including 672 women and 583 men) were selected and they completed all items of the general health questionnaire (GHQ), the social well-being inventory (SWI), personal well-being inventory (PWI), and a question to assess the perceived discrimination.Data analysis by Kruskal-Wallis test revealed that there were significant differences between physical symptoms (?(2)=5.93, P<0.05) and depression (? (2)=15.70, P<0.05), the subscales of mental health in different levels of the perceived discrimination. Furthermore, comparing personal well-being scores and its subscales in different levels of the perceived discrimination showed significant differences in personal hygiene (?(2)=7.20, P<0.05), and security in future (?(2)=7.60, P<0.05). Emotional well-being (?(2)=12.25, P<0.05), self-rule (?(2)=7.45, P<0.05), personal growth (?(2)=19.87, P<0.05), and psychological well-being (?(2)= 9.09, P<0.05) were significantly different in different levels of the perceived discrimination, too. Moreover, comparing social well-being in different levels of the perceived discrimination indicated significant differences between social acceptance (? (2)=14.91, P<0.05), and social participation (? (2)= 10.91, P<0.05).Therefore, people are more active in society, increases the possibility of encountering with discrimination and consequently the perception of that. HubMed – depression



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