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???(49) – ???? – ???(49) – ????by Kwokman jgospel.net Date: 22nd January, 2011 Hi, this is Kwokman. You’re probably listening to me on the internet. Be careful. Many people use the web to promote their useless products, eg antivirus software. As you know, some web sites have pop-up advertisement windows. Pop-up blocker cannot block all of them. Some villains take advantage of this function to show you misleading messages. They’d tell you your computer has been infected by viruses and you can remove them by clicking on a button. They imitate reputable companies’ logos and layout. Note that despite their messages, your computer has not been infected yet. That is just a malicious advertisement. If you follow the direction to click on a button, your computer will be infected. Whenever you open your browser, you’ll only see their messages urging you to buy their antivirus software. You won’t even be able to visit any other web site. If you follow the direction to click on a button, they’ll install a Trojan onto your computer. Whenever you open the browser, you computer would run their program. Will buying their software solve this problem? Possibly but don’t. Products marketed with these malicious scams won’t be worth a dime. Using such bad software may even compromise your computer’s own antivirus capability. Moreover, how could you trust these villains with your credit card? These traps are on malicious web sites, Chinese search engines as well as established search engines like


POLL: Are You Concerned About the Proposed Center's Clients?

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To hear the consultants for Harding Corona's proposed 56-bed residential drug rehab treatment center tell it at Thursday's Planning Board meeting, the center will be an idyllic spa, filled with recuperating executives. To hear residents living near the …
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