• New Student Art Display Enhances Bedford Library

• New student art display enhances Bedford library
Bram Stoker's Trail of Blood” by Jim Steinmeyer, “Your Pregnancy After 35” by Glade B. Curtis, “Midlife Eating Disorders: Your Journey to Recovery” by Cynthia M. Bulik, “I Invented the Modern Age: The Rise of Henry Ford” by Richard F. Snow, “Help Your … Read more on Times-Mail (subscription)

A grouchy mermaid, and other new YA fiction worth a read
Following a nameless high-school student for over a year from lighthearted athlete through anorectic compulsion and somewhat speedy recovery makes for a quick, though darkly compelling read. More a cataloguing of an eating disorder than a cautionary … Read more on Globe and Mail

Talking About Eating Disorders
When it comes to eating disorders, even treatment professionals use different terms to describe the same thing. Take a look. Visit: Eating Disorders Recovery…